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Specialists in Medical Expert Witnesses

Since 1998, Experts Clearinghouse LLC expert witness services has honed the art and science of medical expert witnesses and consultants.  Whether for the Defense or Plaintiffs, whether for personal injury or pharmaceutical and product liability mass torts, we leverage our singular experience and knowledge to your advantage.

We are able to deliver the industry’s most sought after medical expert witnesses and consultants to law firms, corporations, and governments looking for guidance and expertise when they need it the most.  Our network includes the absolute best credentialed and respected practitioners who testify in the toughest of scenarios, often when other networks have failed.

Call Experts Clearinghouse LLC today for your free initial consultation at 713-501-8526 or e-mail at  You can also use the form below.

After you call, come back and look around our website where you can find out more about our philosophy and the medicolegal industry itself, including The Medicolegal Blog and (beta).

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Experts Clearinghouse | Specialists in Medical Expert Witnesses

Experts Clearinghouse | Specialists in Medical Expert Witnesses

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