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Transvaginal Mesh Expert Witness

A Texas jury awarded a woman $73 million for complications stemming from her transvaginal mesh implant on September 8, 2014.  In Texas, tort reform has put a cap on punitive damages for medical malpractice cases but no such cap exists for cases against corporations.  In recent times and in Texas in particular, the number of expert witness requests for mass tort experts has increased while requests for medical malpractice experts has declined for us.

This cap has made the filing of medical malpractice cases difficult because of the high cost of the lawsuit itself, including retaining an appropriate expert witness.  Retaining an expert witness for a mass tort lawsuit can be even more financially difficult because of the number of hours the expert must work to become familiar with the existing literature of issue at hand.  With mass tort cases, there can be multiple plaintiffs the expert witness must review records for, again driving up the cost of litigation.  That is assuming you can find a doctor who is willing and able to serve as the expert witness in the first place.

Experts Clearinghouse can connect you with an urogynecologist that has the knowledge, expertise, and time to help your case.  Given the trends in our home state, we have adapted, able meet both medical malpractice and mass tort needs.

Thank you and advance always,

Robert Pham