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Medical Expert Witness Fees

There are a number of factors which can potentially dictate how much a medical expert witness can charge for his or her services.  They will be discussed in this blog post.

The first and most important factor is the type of degree the medical expert witness holds, assuming that the expert is still practicing with a license in good standing in their respective field.  Medical doctors are at the top of the pyramid with their doctorate level research colleagues (Ph. D.’s) and Pharmacists next followed by registered nurses and physical therapists with technicians last.

Below are typical minimums charged by the medical expert witness for record review and report writing.  The per hour starting points:

M.D. and D.O. – $250/hr.

Doctorate level research scientist or pharmacist – $150/hr.

Registered nurse or physical therapist – $100/hr.

Technicians – $75/hr.

Testimony whether in deposition or trial usually means higher rates for the medical expert witness, typically seeing a rate increase of a factor of one and a half to two.  The per hour starting points thus become:

M.D. and D.O. – $300/hr.

Doctorate level research scientist or pharmacist – $200/hr.

Registered nurse or physical therapist – $150/hr.

Technicians – $125/hr.

As for how much the medical expert witness can command, more details will be discussed below.

For an M.D. and a D.O., if you perform surgical procedures, typically you can command more doing expert witness work especially as your specialty and subspecialty are practiced by less people.

Also for an M.D. and a D.O., being Board Certified in your respective specialty and subspecialty will allow you to dictate more.  Almost all clients require their expert witness to be Board Certified, and Experts Clearinghouse’s own policy is to recommend only Board Certified physicians.

A factor which applies to all medical expert witnesses is whether or not the expert currently holds a teaching position in his or her respective field of expertise.  Department Chairs command the most followed by Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, and Clinical Instructors respectively.

Teaching at well known and respected institutions also usually means the medical expert witness can command more.

These are the typical fee factors which we have seen from the thousands of medical expert witnesses which we have been exposed to and placed since 1998.

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