Robert Leonard Pham – CEO

Mr. Pham’s first job after graduating from the University of Michigan with a smidgen of distinction in 1998 was as a contract data entry clerk at a pioneering nurse-owned medicolegal consulting firm.  There he applied all that he learned as an Internet Age-English major Pre-med student, conceptualizing and spearheading the creation of a computer program that would integrate the daily functions of the company, from logistics to data management to work flow management.  The company grew from 15 to over 200 employees in 2 years.

Once Manager of the Document Management Department, he overlooked the medical records management (both digital and hard copies) of over 10,000 Plaintiffs.  He was responsible for the nurse consultant analysis and audit work flow of a 200 member nurse consultant team.  He was also Head Attorney Liaison to both National and Local Counsel for a mass tort containing said 10,000 Plaintiffs.

The Document Management Department being established, Mr. Pham had the opportunity to become Director of the Experts Division which was the original core of this pioneering firm.  One expert placed became hundreds, able to work both the Defense and Plaintiffs sides of the bar.

In 2003, Mr. Pham became involved with a smaller, boutique medicolegal firm.  As Director of Operations and Head of the Experts Division, he was able to further hone his craft of medical expert witness placement while also able to participate in both pharmaceutical and product liability mass tort strategic planning.

Today, through Experts Clearinghouse, Mr. Pham remains committed to using his singular experience and knowledge to attempt to best address the profound dilemmas which healthcare, governments, and corporations worldwide face every day.


Arpan Gupta, MD – Chief Medical Advisor

Valedictorian of Mr. Robert Pham’s high school graduating class, Dr. Gupta has been friends with Mr. Pham since middle school.  A graduate of the Rice/Baylor B.S/M.D. program, Dr. Gupta’s unique combination of scientific knowledge and business acumen have made him an invaluable asset to Mr. Pham.


Doc Pham – Advisor to the Board

A veteran of building operations for small and medium sized corporations, Mr. Pham has been a life-long resource for Mr. Robert Leonard Pham.  There is no important decision that does not go by him first and foremost.


Duy Co – Director Asian Interests

Mr. Co comes to Experts Clearinghouse via the University of Houston Masters Program in Interdisciplinary Studies.  Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Mr. Co brings his acute understanding of the challenges of doing business in Asia.





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